Top Tips for keeping your cat cool in the heat

Whether your cat is a sun bather or a sun shader there are a few things we can do to help them feel more comfortable on these rather warm days we are experiencing currently!

Cats will naturally seek out a cool spot to prevent overheating but with temperatures hitting 30 degrees and more our feline friends could all do with a little helping hand (paw).

Beat the heat

Make sure your garden has plenty of shaded areas for them to hide in. Large potted plants, shrubs, trees and even cardboard boxes will encourage your cat to seek the shade.

Place fans around your home but have them so they aren’t set directly on your cat!

Freeze a bottle of water and wrap it in a towel placing it near to where your cat spends its time relaxing.

Keep on top of grooming. Excess hair traps heat so its really important to make sure your cat is groomed daily to help him feel more comfortable.

Is your cat drinking enough water?

Cats can be fussy when it comes to drinking water …yet we’ve all seen them drink out of a puddle or the bird bath leaving their pristine water bowl inside and full! Cats can however be encouraged to drink more water by:

Using a large bowl with a large surface area

Avoid using plastic bowls for water instead stick to ceramic, glass or metal

Keep the water levels topped up so your cat doesn’t have to put his head too far into the water bowl

Try a water fountain instead- lots of cats prefer running water if they have access to it

Offer water in various rooms around the house

Add ice cubes to their water bowls keeping the water temperature chilled!

Flavoured Ice Cubes for Your Cat

As an extra treat – why not mix some tuna brine water to regular water and pop into a ice cube tray to freeze. Once frozen pop them out and let your cat enjoy a tasty cool treat!

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