Toby No Longer The Loneliest Cat

After whipping up a media frenzy over Christmas, the team were inundated with adoption offers, so that Toby the gentle tuxedo cat didn’t have to spend another Christmas on his own.

With offers from as far as America, India, the Netherlands and the length and breadth of the U.K, the RSPCA Canterbury cattery team had a real task on their hands to find the choose the perfect home for him.

Fast forward a few weeks and success! Oblivious to his new found fame and media sensation, Toby packed his bags and headed to his new home and family.

His new owner, Pam has shared a wonderful update:

‘Toby spent the first 3 weeks with us under the bed in “his room”. He didn’t eat for the first three days, so when he finally cleared his bowl I was overjoyed. Gradually he became braver, laying under the bed  at the front instead of crammed against the wall at the back! Everyday I would chat to him, and sing to him, maybe that is why it took so long! Finally he rewarded us with a sniff of our hands and then allowed a gentle head rub to take place.

Fast forward 6 weeks or so and he is a joy! We have a long landing and he treats it as his personal running track, racing back and forth like a mad cat! He chooses to sleep on our bed every night, making sure we are fully awake at 6 am, just because he is!

He loves to sit on the windowsill and look out of the window into our garden, I’m sure he is looking forward to exploring! Now the weather is improving slightly we are now steeling ourselves to letting him outside, not something I am looking forward to, but I think he is now settled so hopefully won’t wander too far.

I can honestly say he has enriched our lives and  hopefully we have his!’

From unloved and unwanted, we are delighted that Toby has settled so well and is now living the settled and secure life he so deserved.

RSPCA Canterbury Toby
Toby RSPCA Canterbury

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