Donate Today And Help More Animals In Need

We know you want to make a difference to the lives of defenceless animals in your community. By donating to us you’ll do just that.

Your donations can help us to:

  • Provide shelter to homeless, scared and vulnerable animals
  • Give vital medicine and treatments to those who arrive in need
  • Feed and hydrate those who have gone without
  • Find them loving homes so they can live the rest of their lives feeling cared for

Become a Pet Pal and change the lives of animals in need

Helping animals in desperate need is important to you. We feel the same too. But, the truth is, it costs a lot to be able to do what we do. Over £500 a day is used just to keep our rehoming centre running. And while we carry the name of the RSPCA, we don’t receive any of the funds donated to the national charity. That’s why we need your help.

We rely solely on the generosity of caring people like you, who want to change the lives of animals for the better. And while the adoption and rehabilitation of the animals in our care is our end goal, we can’t do that vital work without your donations. A regular gift means together we can make a real difference to the lives of those animals who need us the most.

Felix and TomTom are settling in well together and getting used to being housemates! Thank you so much for your advice in adopting a second cat and helping them to integrate.


Sam Samaja

Adopted Felix and TomTom

Lots of time, patience (and Dreamies!) have given us such happiness and contentment in our adorable fur-babies!

Charlie Heap

Adopted Bettie and Frankie

They both love a cuddle and a fuss. A big thank you for letting us adopt them. We love them so much!

Rachel Read

Adopted Toulouse and Duchess

Become a Pet Pal

When you set up a regular donation to RSPCA Canterbury & District you will become part of our Pet Pal community and receive:

  • A welcome pack
  • A quarterly update on everything happening at the rehoming centre
  • VIP invitations to open days and special events
  • Peace of mind that you’re helping to change the lives of vulnerable animals for the better

Where Your Money Goes

When donating to a cause you want to know you’ve chosen a charity you can trust. No-one wants to gift a donation without knowing where it’s going, or whether you should donate at all. That’s why we are 100% transparent with our donors about where their money goes and what we do with it so you can have peace of mind that your gift is in safe hands. More than 80% of your donation (83p in every £1) goes directly to rehoming and rehabilitating animals in our care. The other 17p goes towards our fundraising efforts.


Alternative ways you can help animals in need


Fundraising is a brilliant way to help support RSPCA Canterbury & District Branch. Whether that’s holding a bake sale, organising a sponsored walk, or doing a raffle – we love to hear about it. No matter how large or small the amount raised, it all goes towards helping animals live the lives they deserve.

Leave a legacy

For many, leaving a legacy gift in their will is a way for them to continue supporting causes close to their heart long after they’re gone. If this is something you would like to consider, we’d love for you to think of us. Your gift will help us to continue giving animals in your local community the support they need to live long and happy lives.

If you would like to speak to somebody about leaving a legacy you can contact our team on 01227 719 113 to discuss this. All matters concerning legacies will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Don’t waste another day wondering which charity to support. RSPCA Canterbury & District will put your gift to work immediately supporting at-risk animals to live a happy life, free from risk of harm.

Make a difference today. How you can support animals at risk in your community:

  • 1 Donate now
    Your support is desperately needed.
  • 2 Stay Connected
    We’ll keep you updated on the animals your gift is helping to support.
  • 3 Be the change you want to see
    Have peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to help at-risk animals in your community to access the vital support they need.
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